My portrait

Hello, my name is Arnaud Ouvrier, 21 years old, and I am a French Master degree student in Telecom and IT Networks looking for an internship.

I am graduated with a bachelor degree in Telecom and IT Networks. I obtained this diploma as an ERASMUS exchange student at Centria UAS in Kokkola (Finland) during the scholar year 2015-2016.

With my present education and also my bachelor degree in Telecom and IT Networks I developed a strong knowledge in IT. More particularly in IT networks, telecom and web development.

My ERASMUS exchange helped me develop my English skills to the European level C2. It means that I am able to speak English fluently in personal and professional contexts.

I am looking for a company that could take me as an intern. My internship would last for 5 months and start on April 3rd, 2016. This would allow me to apply and deepen my knowledge in my study field and validate my first year of Master degree.